Corporate Travel

For any executive event you have coming up, Sun Transportation can provide exceptional, flexible, and comfortable service to ensure that you arrive at your destination with class.

Group Travel
Are you looking for a safe, convenient, and luxurious way of arriving to your business meeting in a timely manner? Sun Transportation will meet all of your group traveling expectations with our staff of highly experienced chauffeurs and large selection of limos that can accommodate up to ten people for your convenience. We specialize in the areas of Southern California, including Los Angeles, Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Orange County. You can trust our courteous and professional chauffeurs that are highly knowledgeable with directions and shorter routes so you always arrive to your destination on time. They're prepared to adjust to any schedule change, no matter how big or small. Your safety and prompt arrival is our top priority.

Our chauffeurs can take you and your group to any seminar, conference, or business event with assurance that you will arrive on time. We provide you and your group comfortable and dependable transportation, and we save you the trouble of searching for parking, paying for parking fees, and wasting gas. Our fleet of limos will accommodate you to any convention or event you're planning to attend.